Fri, 23 Dec 2005

Spammers suck.

Of course, you knew that.

The spamming bastards have been spewing their links and randomly generated comments all over my blog, and it's difficult to keep track of all of the spam they generate in all of my archived entries.

Rus uses Blosxom too, and he sent me his "comments" modifications, but the "comments" plugin is different enough from "writebacks" (which I use), that I didn't want to go through the trouble of merging in the diffs.

So, the shortest path seemed to be to write my own solution. It's pretty unsophisticated at the moment, and trivially easy to crack my scheme (for goodness sakes, my image URL is named what is depicts) but I'm interested in allowing the class struggle between the blogetariat and spamgousie to escalate in a darwinian/dialectic fashion.

When the spammers refine their methods to get past my filters, I'll raise the bar to see just how far off the floor I need to get to escape the pestilence infected waters unleashed by the marauders from Spamalot.

As of this moment, Khan 1, Spammers 0. C'mon, you anklebiting scum, I dare you to raise it to the next level. I have DHTML/DOM, ClientCaps, HTTP, Javascript, and encryption tricks under my sleeve waiting to be unleashed.

(Warning to the innocent bystanders: If you don't enter the Spamblock number, your comment will be transparently dropped)

Name/Blog: Rus
URL: rus at
Title: writeback vs. comments blosxom plugin
Comment/Excerpt: i picked the comments plugin over the writeback plugin because the comments plugin supports threaded replies. just fyi.

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