Sun, 24 Feb 2008

Spring Barrel Tasting Update

We're nearing the time for Spring Barrel tasting in the Yakima valley on April 25-27th.

Having done this last year, it is loads of fun to go around, find (and taste) fine wines you want, and buy them at a discount.

The lowdown is simple-- you pay $20 (advance price) and pick up a lanyard/ticket. Then, any time between 4/25-4/27, you can visit as many of the 50 participating wineries, sample their spring barrels, and any other vintages they have available for sale, sample delicious cheese, sauces, salsas, desserts.

Find out more at the Wine Yakima Valley website, and if this sounds remotely interesting, book a room at our hotel, the Richland Marriott.

If you end up booking it, then drop me a note and tell me you'll be there. At a minimum, we can get together and enjoy a glass of wine at a local winery, or if we get enough people to make an event of it, I'll book a limo/minibus/minivan and we can all travel in style!

Name/Blog: Christine
Comment/Excerpt: Well, we sure know who the designated driver is! :-)

Name/Blog: Jason
Title: Don't forget about the beer....
Comment/Excerpt: Wine tasting in Yakivegas sounds awesome! I totally want to go. Walla Walla sounds like it would be a good time, but I need to find out when the best time to go is. To change drinks on you Ė if you are into tasting different beers from local breweries, I totally recommend checking out the Phinney Neighborhood Beer Tasting. They offer one in† the summer and one in the winter. Great times and great beers. Bring a DD because itís really easy to convince the reps to try their beer for free. :)

Khan Klatt

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