Thu, 09 Mar 2006


Sorry Jason, this isn't what you were expecting, but I don't think you'll be disappointed either.

It's not some fancy TV, it's a pocket rocket Audi A3!

I will simply say this is such a joy to drive. WOW.

For now, the rest of the story can be told via the photo gallery.

I also put up a brief quicktime movie of the navigation system at work. (Basically manually zooming in from 400 miles to 150 foot views)

Name/Blog: rus
Title: Re: Naughtiness
Comment/Excerpt: look pretty gosh darn nice!

Name/Blog: Tom Bridge
URL: tom_bridge at_sign
Title: Nice Ride, yo.
Comment/Excerpt: Very nice. Let me know if you come out this way with it.

Name/Blog: Jason
Title: RE: Naughtiness
Comment/Excerpt: OMFG!!! Very impressive...

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