Mon, 11 Aug 2008

Exif Feature Added

I've added an exif feature, as you can see from the previous blog entry.

What this means for readers is that I can automagically include EXIF data (data that cameras encode into a jpg about how it was taken) for specific images by using a custom tag when I'm creating blog entries.

What this means for blosxom users who read my blog (just Rus, I presume) is that if you want to take advantage of this, I have a plugin for you, called add_exif.

If you don't use blosxom, and want a similar feature for your blog, and are reasonably comfortable with perl scripts, go ahead and take a look at the plugin... It wouldn't be hard to make an SSI out of it.

To see it in action, scroll down and observe what the image looks like below without a mouseover, and what happens when you mouse over it.

Name/Blog: rus
Title: oooo... very nice!
Comment/Excerpt: great work, nicely done!

Khan Klatt

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