Tue, 24 Jan 2006

Another Strike for Comcast

My friend Jason is on a slippery slope. He thinks I'm crazy with my recent polemics against DirecTV. But today he has an uphill battle to fight with me and why I shouldn't run to Comcast.

And trust me, I'm far from kicking a company to the curb because they charge more than a competitor (I gladly buy Macs which, according to some critics, carry a $300 price "premium"), but when a company is providing less than the best products and services, and then they have the gall to increase your monthly subscription price without giving you any benefit, then they're just fleecing their customers.

I am, of course, talking about DirecTV's "Cyan" page.

For the same substandard service, I now get to pay $3 more per month for "Total Choice Plus", and, despite the fact that they've kicked my DVR to the curb as far as future support is concerned, they have the gall to increase DVR service by $1/month.

Can you say "1-800-COMCAST"? I thought you could.

Name/Blog: Jason
URL: http://www.hatetatellya.com
Title: I Might Be Following You...
Comment/Excerpt: Looks like you might not be alone on your Comcast migration. I found out yesterday when my new DirecTV DVR arrived that I won't be able to receive HD channels at my house. A couple of trees are in the way of the HD satellite. Comcast on the otherhand does not have that issue. They can offer my HD & a HD DVR right now. I would have to lease the boxes, but hey, I would get HD. Now I need to figure out how to get out of my commitment with DirecTV so I don't pay any contract termination fees.

Comment/Excerpt: Or might might be interested in looking at "Why You Too Should Cancel Cable". :-) (Found that as I was browsing today and it seemed to fit here.) http://www.columbia.edu/~ip71/w116/2006/03/why-you-too-should-cancel-cable.html

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