Mon, 31 Aug 2009

Dear Apple (My Digital Video Wish List)

Thank you for supporting the AVCHD format commonly used by many HD video cameras in iMovie.

However, I should point out that this support could be vastly improved if you offered native AVCHD support. You see, transcoding one hour of AVCHD into Apple Intermediate Codec results in roughly 40GB of clip files, which are handily stored in some hard-to-find location on the hard drive. And, it's not clear whether or not these files need to be archived, or are intermediate files that can be purged after final editing.

My MacBook Pro, with its original 100GB drive would have choked on a single hour of video (what with the OS, my photos and iTunes libraries consuming well over half of the drive). But while I'm thankful I upgraded my Mac to 250GB, even that begins to fill up quite quickly at 40GB/hour. So much so that I had to go archive a bunch of files to my AirDisk just so I could install Snow Leopard.

So what do you say, Apple, can we get native AVCHD support? Please?

Khan Klatt

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