Sun, 19 Apr 2009

Blog Housekeeping

One of the side effects of moving my blog to a new server is that some of my old URLs broke.

Specifically, some of my date-based URIs no longer map to any articles because the way that my blog software extrapolates the YYYY/MM/DD URIs was dependent on reading the timestamp of the files.

With the new server I run being in the Pacific timezone, and the previous ones in Mountain timezone, any blog posts I made near the end of the day ended up shifting back a day.

So I used this excuse to clean up my blog URIs. Blog title links should make it easier to permalink to a specific post (i.e. /blog/bloghousekeeping/), or to a specific year (/blog/2009/), month (/blog/2009/04/), or date's (/blog/2009/04/14/) posts.

I still have some work to do to implement Google's "canonical" tag (thanks to Vanessa Fox for pointing this out to me), but my URL structure is already quite a bit cleaner.

Khan Klatt

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