Sun, 30 Oct 2005

What a Cruise!

Looking over the entries over the past two weeks, we've had the time of our lives. I've posted our pictures over here as well as the raw (read: up to 2MB in size, comprising nearly 350MB)) images over here. If you're interested in all of them, get the ZIP (350MB).

With one exception (Magen's bay, read below), our trip was amazing. We were seated with six other Disney fanatics at the dinner table, and only one of them wasn't an adult! And several of our table companions were fellow computer geeks like us (I found Dana's bio here and found his Subversion from Within slide deck a compelling argument for when to apply scripting languages like Python (or Perl or Ruby, for that matter) in a company).

The food was fantastic (but I'm glad I'm not eating quite so rich with every meal), the islands scenic, the weather wonderful, the Disney shows and entertainment magical, and the two of us completely rested and relaxed, as our nearly 300 photos bear witness (P.S. I'm pretty happy with the Fuji-- the image quality in some shots are not my favorite, but if I had brought the Olympus, I'd probably have a fraction of the images I took). Properly incented (you get a discount when you book the next cruise onboard), we even booked next years' cruise, so if you're inclined to join us (and you really should!) we're setting sail to the Western Carribean next November!

That said, we're happy to be home, and hope you'll join us on our next one. :-)

Khan Klatt

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