Tue, 23 Oct 2007

Another Greasemonkey...

...script that is.

Greasemonkey is one of the addons to Firefox that make me loathe to use anything else.

Last week I mentioned my "show me the frickin' price already" script.

This week's script is a godsend for anyone who:
  • Has a Netflix account
  • Has a PS3 (or some other kind of Blu-Ray player... ok, ok, it'll work with HD DVD links too :-/)
  • Reads the Engadget HD RSS feed (Link: RSS) which has a weekly "HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Releases this Week" post which links to HighDefDigest.com
What my greasemonkey script does is replace the "[Buy now and save at Amazon or DVD Empire ]" link on HighDefDigest.com with a link to search for the movie at Netflix.

Find it at userscripts.org under "Netflix-ify HighDefDigest.com".

Khan Klatt

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