Thu, 08 Sep 2011

How To Pitch Your Startup In Under One Minute

In GeekWire today, there's an article covering last night's "Pitch Your Startup And Win" Lean Startup Seattle Meetup event (Eleven startup pitches in eleven minutes: What’s your favorite?).

After watching the videos, two of them stood out.'s pitch, by Red Russak, and Chewsy's Chaitanya Sareen.

Both of them were great pitches, but as I commented on Geekwire today, "The reason Chewsy wins in my book is he got it done in about 50 seconds (sorry Red!)."

As I broke down his presentation, I realized that his format could be a successful formula for other startup pitches. Here's how it breaks down:

1. Describe the problem, relate to the audience:
[Show of hands, how many people have been to a restaurant and didn't know what to order?]

2. Validate the sentiment, and describe the market/opportunity:
[Wonderful. Don't worry you're not alone. Chances are 130 million Americans that eat out alone every day are probably joining you in your dining dilemma.]

3. You've explained the challenge, and the market, the hooks are in. Introduce yourself, your company, and your purpose:
[Hi my name is Chaitanya Sareen, I'm CEO and cofounder of Chewsy, the service that's all about the dish on the dish.]

4. Now explain what makes you different. Why should I care what you have to say?
[Now I know some of you are thinking, doesn't Yelp and other services solve this problem? You see, they show restaurant reviews; we solve the last mile problem with restaurants. Once you're there, what should you order?]

5. You've set it all up... Now knock 'em down by describing your solution:
[How does it work? Super simple. Download the free app for your iphone, and the minute you start it up, you're gonna see great dishes nearby, you can also drill into a menu for a restaurant and see what your friends recommend. And finally, it's super easy to share the dishes you love.]

6. Close it out with your tagline/marketing hook, with a call to action and thanks:
[So that's Chewsy, go on and be choosy, and download the app. Thank you.]


Khan Klatt

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