Sun, 31 Aug 2008

New Project: ImageGetter

I put together a little project that attempts to gather the "zeitgeist" image from a particular web site, and returns it.

Here's how it might work... Imagine a message boards application, like PHPBB, for example. As you type in a URL to share, a little bit of javascript gets executed which loads an image from a remote page for you to include with the link.

Here's a Web 1.0 way of illustrating it (I need to get a nice AJAX library installed on my blog, so the 2.0 version is forthcoming). Just type in a URL into the box and click "Go". A new window will open with the "zeitgeist image", if there is an image that seems suitable. Works on sites like flickr, but not so much on google, although I suspect I could tweak it to work.

Let me know what sites you've tried it on, and whether it worked, or if it didn't, what image you think it should have brought up.

Khan Klatt

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