Wed, 27 May 2009

iPhone CSS Enabled

Those of you who occasionally read my blog using an iPhone will be pleasantly surprised to note that my blog now displays a custom stylesheet for your convenience.

The iPhone has a much smaller screen than a desktop, and as a result can't display the full content of a standard web page like my blog in a large enough font for comfortable reading without scrolling the content.

By disabling some of the peripheral blog content (such as the Archives, About, Colophon, License blocks, etc.) there is more screen real estate available on the iPhone for showing full screen blog posts.

Technically, the implementation is pretty easy. You need a custom CSS definition for the iPhone, and a custom meta CSS header that serves this CSS definition to iPhones to tweak the UI.

The bottom line is a more convenient iPhone reading experience, particularly in landscape mode.

If you notice any anomalies, please drop me a line.

Khan Klatt

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