Sun, 23 Dec 2007


If you're reading this on the web (as opposed to RSS), you already know that my blog has undergone a somewhat radical redesign.

The old design was showing its age, and wasn't making good use of modern HTML layout techniques. I also wasn't very happy with the flickr badges that highlight my photography hobby, so I made some larger feature images that you now see randomly displayed along the top of the pages.

As far as fixing the layout, I made heavy use of "Blueprint CSS" (see the Colophon at the bottom of the page for more details). It really delivers on the promise of CSS and is not that hard to figure out how to use.

I'm sure this design will need a little tweaking and minor fixes (blueprint.css has a few design elements I'm not ecstatic about), but I think I've got something that will suit my needs for the foreseeable future.

Drop me a note if you see something extremely broken!

Name/Blog: christine klatt
Comment/Excerpt: What a great way to showcase your brilliant photography skills!

Khan Klatt

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