Sun, 02 Sep 2007

touch -t is history

I've been blogging with blosxom for over two years now, and I've found it fits my needs for just about everything I need.

It's simple to extend and modify to fit my purposes. For example, I was getting comment spam, and I added my own hacks to require a simplified captcha system.

I added a hack to close comments on articles older than the previous month.

I recently added a web administration form that allows me to add and edit blog entries remotely.

While I was putting together this form I thought, "you know, it'd be nice not to have to use touch -t to fix timestamps when I find/fix a typo or add an UPDATED entry to a previous post." (Astute readers will note my discovery of touch -t two years ago.)

As I was contemplating the unpleasantness of unix epoch timestamps and perl's utime function and providing myself with a human-friendly UI in my admin form, I thought "this sounds quite a bit like reinventing the wheel".

And I was right. It looks like the entries index plugin (which sadly pre-dates my blog) does effectively what I need.

Khan Klatt

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