Sat, 22 Oct 2005

Orlando & Cocoa Beach

We arrived in Orlando at 6am today after our red-eye out of Seattle. The flight and landing was smooth, and the weather in Orlando was pleasant. Certainly no sign of a impending hurricane. The first Disney bus to Port Canaveral departed at 9am, so rather than waiting three hours, we rented a car and headed for Cocoa Beach. After a liesurely one hour drive to the Florida coast, we arrived looking for breakfast.

While looking for a decent spot to grab a bite, we spotted a Walgreens, which I recalled seemed to have a decently stocked photo department from my experience back home. While they didn't have any 1GB cards, they did have a 512MB card which cost nearly as much as the 1GB card at Frys.

I spotted a "Waffle House", which Christine informed me is a regional chain. It was new to me, so we had a quick (and surprisingly delicious) bite. Better than any breakfast I've had at a Denny's (or perhaps it was just being so hungry after a long transcontinental flight).

Shortly thereafter we found public access to Cocoa Beach, and quickly filled the 16MB card. It was nearing 11am by this time, so it was time to return the rental and take a shuttle to the cruise terminal. But not without stopping at the legendary "Ron Jon Surf Shop" where I picked up a second pair of swimming trunks (I never expected that one pair would suffice with multiple opportunities to go swimming each day of our cruise) and a souvenir t-shirt.

Khan Klatt

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