Wed, 03 Oct 2007

Update Thread

  • Went on a 1-day Norwegian Cruise Lines cruise to Vancouver BC weekend before last. Departed Seattle about 5pm Saturday, arrived in Vancouver 8am Sunday. In nearly every area, the Disney Cruise Line is a better cruise company. Only exception was that the NCL boat has many more sit down restaurants providing opportunities for more intimate dining experiences.
  • Saw George Carlin at Benaroya hall. Grouchy, funny old man. Spent as much time trying to get out of the parking garage next to the triple door as I did listening to the show. Protip: Benaroya has a parking garage-- use it.
  • Going to see Chris Cornell at the Paramount tonight. Should be a good concert.
  • Johnette Napolitano plays November 15th in Seattle. Should be a good show.
  • Did a minor modification in my A3 to convert the ashtray into a cubbyhole. Stay tuned for a writeup.

Khan Klatt

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