Thu, 22 May 2008

For Point of Comparison (HDR vs. Non-HDR)

Here is the "standard exposure" of the photo I posted yesterday, so you can compare the detail that pops out of the dark and light areas of the exposure.

This image was only resized, sharpened, and saved as JPG, no other postprocessing was done. I've set it up so that mousing over the image shows the HDR version, and mousing out shows the standard exposure. These shots were taken hand-held (no tripod), hence the sense of motion as you mouse over/out of the image-- but this also illustrates how well Photoshop can compensate for movement between the various HDR exposures!

Notice the dark areas have better contrast, and you can make out finer details in the bright areas, like the detail of the stained glass, which are less washed-out in the HDR version I posted yesterday.

Name/Blog: Justin Akehurst
Title: looks great
Comment/Excerpt: A great HDR, that doesn't look too surreal or something out of a comic book.

Name/Blog: Maelyn
Comment/Excerpt: What a trip. The colors become so rich and the detail in the stained glass so apparent. I visited la Sagrada Familia a few years ago, thanks for refreshing my memories.

Khan Klatt

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