Fri, 28 Oct 2005

Shop Girl

At 12:01am today, Shop Girl premiered on the Disney Magic, and I was there to catch it in the Walt Disney Theater. First of all, it's pretty cool that Disney is showing first-run, premiere films on board.

Second, go see this movie, particularly if you happen to know somebody named Cale Burr. The character "Jeremy" seems to be based on Cale, or someone like him. For starters, he designs fonts. Second, he's into hard rock. Third, he's a design fanatic. The only character trait that they didn't establish in the first five minutes of the film that was reminiscent of Cale was that he wasn't driving a Celica, and his hair had obviously been recently cut.

There were some narrative passages I thought were laziness on Steve Martin's storytelling part... The audience can read behind the lines if you tell the story in the right way with the right dramatic devices and give your actors the direction they need to get the point across.

To make matters worse, the narrator's voice is Martin's, so it's difficult to figure out if the voice is some impartial narrator, or if it's the voice of Ray (the character Steve plays in the movie). He speaks of Ray in the third person, so you presume it's not him speaking, but I don't think that it would have been any better to hire some narrator to read the passages and introduce a strange voice that hasn't been with the audience during the drama.

All in all, other than unnecessarily patronizing the audience in parts, the movie was thoroughly enjoyable.

Khan Klatt

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