Sun, 26 Mar 2006

Richard Was Right

This is, of course, not news to him, and I acknowledged he was right when he made the point, but my technique of allowing * coming to my inbox proved to be unworkable.

You see, what I would typically do when signing up at certain businesses is to provide "" as the email address. This was for two reasons. First, it would provide a way to track down spammers who resell addresses (or businesses who get hacked or are easily hackable, i.e. NetSol, etc.). Second, and more useful, sorting e-mail by the actual recipient address could be a useful organization technique.

Recently, however, I've been getting emails from my IT department (who knew had an IT department beyond Richard and myself?) saying that my account has been inactivated, or my password was updated. Conveniently, these emails would contain ZIP files of some .exe file for me to run (strange, my IT department doesn't know I use a Macintosh?), and would be sent to addresses like "", and "" and many, many variations of the same.

I began getting in excess of 100 50KB messages a day of this sort over the past few days, and this led me to change my delivery mechanism, as Richard predicted I would several years ago.

This was a bit tedious (I had to log into sites like google, cnn, etc. and shift the registered address from to, and it took about 15 minutes to complete, but if it means I avoid 5MB of email downloads every day, seems well worth it.

Khan Klatt

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