Wed, 08 Mar 2006

Spam Redux

Thanks to my friend Richard (by the way, welcome, finally, to the blogosphere), I realize the spammers had evened the score. The spammers had posted their csaino (sic) and icnset (sic) spam on my site again, despite my workaround.

I never claimed my workaround was particularly sophisticated or unbeatable, but in response, I've upped the ante. Again, nothing impenetrable, but just enough unpleasantry to make myself less of a target.

Name/Blog: rus
Title: on-line pharmacy - buy direct and save $$$
Comment/Excerpt: You're paying too much for your viag@r@!!! check our prices agianst your local pharmacy. lol.

Name/Blog: Khan
Title: They got through again?!
Comment/Excerpt: How did they fool me again?!

Khan Klatt

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