Fri, 05 Aug 2005

It worked!

I'm now on TiVo OS 6.2-01-2-121.

Name/Blog: Pete
URL: pete-khan at_sign
Title: Series 1 or Series 2?
Comment/Excerpt: This is something that's been driving me crazy for a while. From what you've written and unless I've missed something, you've got a series 1 DirecTivo, right? I've got a series 2 dtivo and your directions didn't work at all and wouldn't work without me changing some things. *sigh* I think the biggest problem with VOIP and the series 2 dtivos is that you can't tell the dtivo's modem to slow down like you can the series 1 dtivos. I've also read that a usb modem might solve this problem.

Name/Blog: brian
URL: brian.morris at_sign
Title: Worked for me!
Comment/Excerpt: I've got one of the non wireless linksys with a DirecTivo (HDVR2)

Name/Blog: Tony
URL: butitta at_sign
Title: No Luck
Comment/Excerpt: I've tried all the suggestion on this page and still no success. I get stuck on the dialing step and get an error saying "Faled. Couldn't connect".

Name/Blog: Travis Gilbert
URL: travispgilbert at_sign
Title: Directv TIVO set-up
Comment/Excerpt: Thanks for the good gouge on setting up the Directv tivo over vonage. I was about to gouge my eyes out. I specifically ordered Vonage to use it with tivo, not realizing that it wouldn't work. I took a several tries with your information, but for some reason when I removed the *70 from the line-up it started working! I hadn't dialed in for 300 something days and the TIVO was getting slow. Do you know if this will also work for the HDTV Direct TIVO? I'm having one installed this weekend. Thanks again!!

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