Tue, 08 Apr 2008

My First XCode Project: khan.org screensaver

A couple years at OSCON, I saw a 30 minute presentation on how to write a single line of code to use the WebKit Cocoa framework to build your own web browser.

And this evening, my friend Richard asked for a screensaver that can display a web page, so I put the WebKit chocolate into the XCode Screensaver project peanut butter and got this. You'll need XCode to build it, and you are hereby given permission to use it as you wish (hint: in XCode look for http://www.khan.org in the websaverView.m class, and replace it with your own URL).

If you'd like to have my website as your screensaver, you can just download the khan.org screensaver. Simply double click the .saver file to install.

Khan Klatt

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