Tue, 18 Oct 2005

Bad Timing

A month ago, Christine and I booked a Disney Cruise. At the time we were trying to choose between October and November. November is less convenient because it's closer to the holidays, and holiday weather. October is closer to hurricane season. I suggested October because, at the time, Rita was the season's 18th storm. How many more hurricanes could there be in one season?

Today we found out. Her name is Wilma. The year's 21st hurricane, and the first time since 1933 that we've had as many in one season. Who knew this would be a record setting year?

And Wilma looks like a cruise-buster. Our flight leaves Friday at 11pm, arriving Saturday 5:30am in Orlando. At this point, Wilma is expected to have turned the corner of Western Cuba headed northeast. By the time we're expected to board the boat around 11am, Wilma's winds will already be buffeting Western Florida. The ship is expected to depart Port Canaveral (smack in the middle of the projected hurricane path) at 5pm, as the hurricane makes landfall. Our first scheduled stop is Key West (although if the ship does leave port, they're likely to shift the itinerary around) which again, will be taking a wallop from Wilma.

Will your intrepid travellers be able to board their flight? Will the flight land in Orlando, or be directed elsewhere (Atlanta)? Will they be permitted to board the ship? Will the ship make its first port of call Key West? Will it visit Grand Cayman, battered only days before by Wilma? Stay tuned for this and more in next week's installment of "Unfortunate Timing: The Adventures of Khan & Christine"!

Khan Klatt

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