Mon, 17 Sep 2007

For Wine Lovers

Barb reminded me of how much fun Christine and I had in the Yakima valley during their annual spring barrel tasting event.

Like most annual events, they're doing it again in 2008.

This year I was careful not to over-indulge since I was driving, but next year we're thinking of inviting a few friends and renting a limo or mini tour bus to shuttle us around over a dozen of the region's finest wineries.

Here's a PDF of the wineries (600KB) in the area.

Hiring a professional driver costs around $300-500 for 5-8 people for six hours of touring, and given limited time and logistics, it's probably best to spend the night in the Yakima valley area and do another six hour tour the second day.

Who's in?

Name/Blog: Barb
URL: barbara at_sign
Title: I'm totally in!!
Comment/Excerpt: That sounds fabulous. I've only toured a few of the wineries in an afternoon quite a few years ago. How many people did you want to get together? ~Barb

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